Detoxifying CBSE Textbooks (3rd Std)

SOCIAL STUDIES This subject is always a suspect for its malcontents. 2. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE An inclination to leaders of certain dispensation is understandable, but disregard for India and ancient Indians cannot be tolerated.

Discrimination Against Hindus In India

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT 1. Running Schools Article 15(5) and 30 of our constitution ensures minority run schools are exempted from any kind of intervention from govt. even if is aided. In contrast, Hindu run schools, even if they are not govt. aided, will be subject to intervention. Intervention includes Right to Education where only Hindu run…

KMRL creating a monument for failure

KMRL (Kochi Metro Rail Limited), after a long wait, has taken the first step in realising their planned water metro project for Kochi. They have called for tender to build thirty six number of 100 passenger boats with an option of eighteen more with the same firm. As the largest project of its kind for…

IVLP USA Travel – Week 3

26-Apr-2018 (Thursday) See off dinner at a Chinese restaurant followed by ice-cream. 24-Apr-2018 (Tuesday) Flew from Santa Fe (airport was Albequerque) to San Francisco. The landing was an experience with parallel landing.  

Why Bollywood is anti-hindu

Anyone who watches Bollywood (spare them) with a keen observation can see an anti-hindu bias in the presentation. A list of articles highlighting this is put here. Read and form opinion. Amrit Hallan – “Bollywood’s passive-aggressive attitude towards Hinduism“

Is KMRL getting it wrong in Water Metro Project?

Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has an ambitious target of making the first integrated multimodal transport system in India with mobility on rail, road and water. For water,  watermetro project is a Rs.747 crore with financial assistance from the German Bank, KfW consisting of boats, jetty and access infrastructure. The project has a fleet of…

NavAlt in Smartfifty list

NavAlt makes it to the top 50 in the Smartfifty list. This is a list of top 50 firms, selected by Department of Science and Technology, that would transform India. The selection of the top 40 from 400 selected firms was held in Bangalore The remaining 10 were selected from the process held in US…

Destination Kerala Award 2018

Navalt wins the “Startup of the Year” award initiated by Destination Kerala in the ceremony held on 16 Feb, 2018 at Crowne Plaza, Kochi. The award received from: Shri Adeeb Ahamed, Shri. K. Ganesh, Dr. Saji Gopinath, Dr. ChristyFernandez, Shri RajeshNair.  

Global Cleantech Open, Los Angeles

It was a pleasant surprise when we were called out as the winner in the Renewable Energy category in the Global Cleantech Open awards for innovative startups. GCIP is global cleantech innovation program. The GCIP programme of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). In India, the programme has been designed to identify innovations in the area…

KEY Summit 2018

I had an opportunity to talk about my entrepreneurial journey during the KEY Summit at Tagore theatre, Thiruvananthapuram.  It was a great experience since the Q&A was very lively.  Check out the video.  

Govt. Has No Business to Run Temples

Clear “Secular” Govt. has no business to run temple sand loot money from it. Read up why it is the case. The recent case on communist govt. take over of Sri. Parthasarathy temple in Guruvayoor. Videos to watch: Freeing Hindu Temples from Govt. Control – J Sai Deepak, Srijan Foundation Useful articles to read: Bringing…

Hello Tomorrow 2017

Paris, on 26th Oct was tough time with two pitches back to back and that too having to arrive late because of flight from NewYork getting late. However at the end of it, it was a great pitch and the only reason we would not win is because others were better and nothing to do…