Silicon Valley Trek 2017

I was one of the fortunate five who were selected as the five winners of Action for India fellowship for the Silicon Valley Trek challenge held in New Delhi this January. Finally we started our journey and landed on 14th October. I came a day early thinking jet lag might hit me, but it did…

Against Ban on Crackers during Diwali

Pro-voices This kid gives good class which probably SC judges can attend and learn something. Diwali Cracker Ban: When pseudoscience guided decision-making  – It is time Celebrities stop telling us how to lead our lives! – ______________________________________________________________________ Historical ______________________________________________________________________ Data

Gunpowder invented in India

Military Transition in Early Modern Asia, 1400-1750: Cavalry, Guns, Government and Ships’ by Kaushik Roy.   Chemical warfare in Ancient India by Vaman R. Kokatnur J. Chem. Educ., 1948, 25 (5), p 268

Villains of Diwali Crackers Ban

Supreme Court has in the recent times giving judgements what one would call judicial overreach especially when it comes to restrictions on Hindu traditions and practices. The recent ban on crackers in Diwali is no exception, especially when there is no evidence to point to the effect. The court is infiltrated by lot of judges,…

How Dan Brown Lost support from Indians?

The latest thriller from Dan Brown, Origin, though not as effective as some of his previous books, is a good read. I always thought he did some good research before writing his novels, but in this one he lost his credibility, at least from  20% of humanity, i.e., people from India. Two mistakes: Giving credit…