Speaking at Inaugural Session of Headstart Calicut

It was a lucky opportunity to inaugurate Headstart in Kozhikode city at IIM campus. My talk focussed on the experience as an entrepreneur and some of the insights that might be useful for a person who is taking the plunge to entrepreneurship = nation building. Read news coverage: MBA universe


Caritas India is nothing but Catholic Bishops Council of India. Caritas itself is virtually a subsidiary of the Vatican. Caritas India Chairman – Bishop Lumen Monteiro Website: http://caritasindia.org       Balance sheet FY2015-16 shows their foreign funding has reduced by about 25% but they are still flush with funds.

Meera Nanda

Books Breaking the Spell of Dharma and Other Essays Prophets Facing Backward: Postmodern Critiques of Science and the Hindu Nationalism in India Postmodernism And Religious Fundamentalism: A Scientific Rebuttal To Hindu Science The God Market Summary Born 1954. Meera Nanda is an Indian writer, historian and philosopher of science with a PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic…

Martha Nussbaum

Books Cultivating Humanity Sex and Social Justice From Disgust to Humanity: Sexual Orientation and Constitutional Law Plato’s ‘Republic’: the good society and the deformation of desire The clash within: democracy and the Hindu right The new religious intolerance: overcoming the politics of fear in an anxious age Summary She is the current Ernst Freund Distinguished…

Angana Chatterji

Books Violent Gods: Hindu Nationalism in India’s Present; Narratives from Orissa Land and Justice: The Struggle for Cultural Survival in Orissa Summary In 1989, Chatterji became involved with the work of the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA, “Save the Narmada Movement”). She is one of the leading lights of the radical Leftist outfit called Forum of…