Solar-Electric Boats: Plan, Build & Benefit – 10 Jul 2021


‘Solar-electric boats – benefits and requisites for faster adoption in India’ – EV Reporter, 23 May 2021

‘Removing Human Error in Ship Performance Analysis’ – TheNavalArch, 27 Oct 2019

‘Economics of ADITYA – India’s First Solar Ferry’ – IEEE India Info. Vol. 13 No. 3 Jul – Sep 2018, Page 38-45

‘High Fives for solar-powered ferry ops’ – Ship and Boat International, Jan/Feb 2018, Page 18-24

Books (getting ready)

Bharat Dharshan – A sneak preview of the wonder

Making of an Oil Tanker (Fiction)

Papers (getting ready)

Solar Panels-On Boat or Shore?

Choosing the right Electric Propulsion Solution

Marine grade battery chemistry: An overview

Safety of Solar and Electric Boats

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