History, Politics

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History, Mathematics

Politics, Risk, Business

Politics, Risk, Business

Politics, Risk, Business

Politics, Risk, Business

Politics, Culture genocide, Hinduism

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Comparative Religion, Politics, Hinduism

Politics, Hinduism

Samskrit, Politics, Hinduism

History, Hinduism


Politics, Education


  1. Hinduism Today : Hinduism, Magazine
  2. Bhasha Neeti : Language


  1. Indic Language Families & Indo-European – Subhash Kak : Indology, Language, Sanskrit
  2. The truth about Cheraman Mosque – True Indology: History


A Tale of Two Calendars – C.K. Raju : Science, Mathematics, Indology, History

How RTE is Killing the Educational System – Dr. Thadanai : Education, Law

Dr. Nagaswamy Demolishes Dravidianism (Part 1) – Indology, History, Language

Freeing Hindu Temples from Government – J Sai Deepak : Politics, History

India’s Grand Narrative – Rajiv Malhotra : Politics, History, Culture

Forgotten History of India’s Maritime Past – Sanjeev Sanyal: History

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  1. True Indology – History, Indology
  2. Girish Bharadwaja (Reclaim Temples) – History, Indology, Hinduism
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