Activist Judges and Judicial Overreach

There has been lot of judges and their ridiculous judgments. Some of the most infamous ones and their alleged vested interests.

  1. Altamis Kabir – Son of a prominent Congress leader Jehangir Kabir from W. Bengal.
    • On last day of his tenure, delivered judgement against NEET, along with Vikramjit Sen, which supported private medical colleges and their objective of taking capitation fee. Read news.
    • A few weeks before retirement, he was alleged to block the elevation of Gujarat High Court Chief Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya, because supposedly this judge opposed the appointment of Kabir’s sister in Calcutta court. Read news.
  2. AK Sikri – Serving Judge in Supreme Court.
    • Put a ban on sales of crackers in Delhi NCR during Diwali time. 2017. Read news.
    • Quid pro quo by the congress to appoint his son in Punjab govt panel. Read news.
  3. Ashok Bhushan
    • Put a ban on sales of crackers in Delhi NCR during Diwali time. 2017. Read news.
  4. K.G. Balakrishnan – Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Human Rights Head
    • A noted opponent of keeping Supreme Court Chief Justice of India out of RTI. Read news.
    • Known for sexist remark against rape victims. Read news.
    • To save the Church from the repercussion of Sister Abhaya murder investigation, he passed a judgement prohibiting narco-analysis in interrogation. Read here.
  5. K.M. Joseph – Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court
    • Son of K.K. Mathew, Supreme Court Judge. An unhealthy sign of collegium.
    • Verdict on questioning President’s dismissal of Uttarakhand State and criticising the office of President

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