GOI Sidelining Water Transport in Electric Adoption

On the surface one would agree that the current leadership under Prime Minister Modi is very aggressively aimed at transforming vehicles on road to electric by 2030. However, the various policy makers have neglected water transport.

Under FAME scheme launched by Dept. of Heavy Industries, (, the thrust in on support hybrid/electric vehicles market development by focussing on Technology Development, Demand Creation, Pilot Projects and Charging Infrastructure. For comparable category, i.e. buses, the incentive range from 34 to 61 lakh.

Solar boats, unlike electric vehicles, derive more than 75% of its energy from the sun and rest from grid. This low dependency on grid means that even when the grid power is from coal or diesel power plants the overall energy mix means that the boat is highly eco-friendly unlike electric vehicles where unless the grid power is from renewable sources, just shifts pollution from cities to source of power production. Each of our solar ferry saves 35,000 litres of diesel annually that translates to 24 lakhs rupees in savings (fuel, lubes, engine overhaul).

Solar ferry boats should be provided with such incentives on higher level compared to electric bus due to above or treated at least on par with electric buses. If the same were to be given then solar ferry boats would be same price as diesel ferry boats and customers make money from first day.

Anyone from GOI reading?

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