When Science Teacher teaches Adam & Eve Story to 2nd Grade Kids

Today while discussing with my seven year old son on what he learnt in school I was shocked to hear what the science teacher taught the students.

Apparent when discussing the chapter on “Bones and Muscle”, she went on to describe the origin of man. It seems God (read Abrahamic God) created the first human, Adam, in his form, after having created animals. When he (God) found Adam lonely he took a rib (from the 12, Adam had) and created Eve (even here masochism). They became friends. Then he went on to say sketchy details of apple story and that God advised them not eat it…*

This stupid teacher should be teaching in the Church and not in science class under CBSE.

Any suggestions on the next steps to be taken to get this teacher end her science teaching career to avoid misguiding children who are are future.

* Details as recounted by my son (not verified in Wikipedia!). It is a different matter that my son at this age knows more about evolution than what I knew at twice his age.

# It is funny that most paintings of Adam and Eve have navel (irony)


One week later, I went an met the School trustee. She agreed (naturally) that this was not the right thing to teach in Science class. Although she offered to talk to the teacher and clear this issue, I insisted on meeting the teacher to understand her thinking. When I recounted the story, she surprised me by asking, “So what is wrong. It is a story”. I  did not expect that. The discussion became animated. Her belief seemed stopped strong since she felt strange that I accused her of propagating Christian stories, as if it was universal myth!

I made my point that that such stories do not support science teaching and if she is so fascinated take that in bible class instead. The trustee intervened and promised to make necessary correction.

If this is the situation in such schools, wonder what would be pedagogy in schools controlled by people who believes in exclusivity.



      1. You might have to do some homework about the action you can take. I know that some schools in this area are actually church-run or affiliated so they will always include the religious telling of the story. But public schools on the tax-payer dime are a different matter.

      2. To avoid such nonsense I avoided missionary school and put him in a Hindu trust controlled school, but the teacher is a Christian.

      3. Then you’ll really have to do your homework about the next action you need to take – I have no idea about to address this. As a sort-of Christian, I find it reprehensible that a teacher would espouse religion over science. I grew up believing that there was a time and place for everything, and it’s never a good idea to teach the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, I really, really liked the sciences and probably would have done better had religion been more separate.

      4. If people were open minded to science then the dogma propagated by religion would be clear and thus the holy books rejected. Most believers are living in the schizophrenic dual state – science is switched off on Sunday/Friday!

      5. I realized that my science skills were weak, so I picked up ‘Astrophysics for People In a Hurry’. I really wish the two could co-exist, but it seems that religion just doesn’t like to share.

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