Lesson of Shopping Online

I think many of us are familiar and frequent user of online shopping for many of our needs. I too used this facility for purchasing books. Recently, thanks to floods entering my Aluva home, lot of home appliances needed to be replaced. Just before venturing in using online shopping for these items we did a test. We checked the prices of washing machine, TV etc at leading outlet, supposedly the best priced ones, at Lulu Mall and Bismi. Unbelievable it might sound, the online options at Amazon and Flipkart were at least 25-30% cheaper. It also conceded with the festival offers from them. The installation of the equipment is well organised and so is the guarantee process. There might be very few items that we might hesitate to purchase – dress, shoes etc. Rest all can be done online. Is this going to put an end to large brick and mortar stores? Maybe not. However it will reduce the demand if people shift to online purchase on large scale.

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