Why People make fun of Judiciary

Killing animals in Temples versus elsewhere

Judges at Tripura HC, CJ Sanjay Karol and Justice Arindam Lodh, passed an order that animals have “Right to Life” under Article 21, apparently only in temples and not outside it.
Source: LiveLaw

Millions of animals are killed daily for food. Not to forget sacrifices done by other religions on a mass scale eg. animal slaughter during Id.

150 million animals are killed everyday for food.

Source: Sentient Media

Non-believers petitioning entry to Sabarimala versus Mosques

Apparently atheist, muslims an evangelicals are in forefront for entry petition in Sabarimala. The judges had no qualm in allowing petition from people who has no skin-in-the-game. The only one to take sensible approach was Justice Indu Malhotra. The not-so-learned were Deepak Mishra, A.M.Khanwilkar, R. Nariman, and D.Y.Chandrachud.

Source: Indian Express

When hindus organisation test SC judges consistency for entry of women in mosques quoting Sabarimala logic (although Sabarimala is a rare temple with this practice unlike mosques where is the norm), judges dismiss the petition.

Source: The Print

Banning Crackers doing Diwali versus rest of time and other pollutants

Not surprisingly SC judges, without any scientific study or basis, made a blanket bank on Diwali crackers because some crackpot NGO with allegiance (funding) from jihadis and evangelicals with an aim to sabotage Hindu festivals, put a PIL. The not-so-learned judge was A.K.Sikri.

To sound how stupid the judgement is, imaging if judiciary bans driving on road is since 1.5 lakh people die every year.


Diwali crackers are but a small speck compared to large mound pollution created by other sources that includes automobiles, factories etc. If the focus is on Diwali pollution, then bigger culprits are farmers in the north west who burn stubble after harvest.

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