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Gems of Modern India

Gems of Modern India are those geniuses, who are mostly forgotten thanks to the colonial mindset in people who control the narrative.

Narinder Singh Kapani (92 years) is acknowledged as the Father of ‘Fiberoptics’- a term he coined. His work in 1953 ushered in a new era of High-speed Internet, endoscopy, and spectroscopy. An unsung hero, he never patented it. He never won a Nobel.

Venkatesh Bapuji Ketkar (1854-1930) The last great astronomer in the Siddhanta lineage of Aryabhata, Bhaskara & Madhava. He predicted with remarkable calculations the existence of the 9th planet in 1911 before Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930. he predicted many orbital parameters of Pluto. Bapuji’s calculations were better than those of Percival Lowell & Henry Pickering who are still honored. He published in May 1911 issue of Bulletin of Astronomical Society of France Before Clyde announced the discovery of Pluto in Feb 1930, Bapuji died of a severe paralytic stroke. As a typical westerner, and it’s “independent discovery”, it will be said that Clyde did not know of Ketkar and that he used only the work of his western predecessors!

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Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose (1858-1937) was a biologist, physicist, botanist, and belatedly recognised as the father of radio science. He was born in India during British rule, invented the wireless telegraphy and made a demonstration of the same in 1895. During the public show at Calcutta’s Town Hall, he managed to send electromagnetic waves over a distance of 75 feet. The waves passed right through a wall and managed to ring a bell wirelessly. The Governor of Bengal was also present during his presentation.

Sadly, this invention’s credit is often given to Marconi – an Italian scientist, who made a demonstration in 1897 but filed a patent in 1896. What Marconi did was that he made use of Bose’s Mercury Coherer to come up with a two-way radio that is capable of communicating wirelessly. The problem was that Bose didn’t file for a patent and Marconi took the opportunity to patent it and became celebrated for something that he never invented.

Sir J C Bose deserved two Nobel prizes (one for radio and another for proving the existence of life in plants) but ironically got none as he was from a colonised nation. An English man got the Nobel prize on Bose’s thesis. Another case of western plagiarism and taking credit.

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