Interview with Emerging Tech Radio

In this discussion with Netra Walawalkar, I tried to connect the dots that led to ADITYA and the steps beyond to scale up this model across India and the rest of the world. We talked about the interesting project we are working on including #highspeedelectricboat for defence and #solarfishingboats with Shell Foundation

I also listed some of the policy support that Govt.s especially the Central govt. needs to act to handhold this industry. When you listen to this part it might sound a bit cynical but it is just an outcome of frustration of lack of action on the policy front. However, I am optimistic that it will change sooner than later. 

I also touched on my upcoming book, titled, “Solar-Electric Boats: Plan, Build & Benefit” which is meant to give an introduction to this topic. It covers the various aspects to consider when making decisions in marine transport.

Entrepreneurship is nation-building. Hence I seek many more people to participate in this adventure. Enjoy listening.

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