Villans behind Jallikattu Ban

At this point of time most of us are aware of the sport, the need for the same thanks to a show of strength by people in Tamil Nadu. However not many are aware of the villains behind the ban. This article aims to unravel the sinister people and organisation that caused the ban. Some of these people have now suddenly rallied behind the people since they are not used to standing against a strong force.

Below are a list of people and organisations (not complete) who has worked in the past and is working to get Jallikattu and other native traditions banned.


  1. AhishekRaje
    Animal Welfare Officer Animal Welfare Board
  2. Arun Prasanna
    Founder, Secretary PFCI
  3. Chinni Krisha
    Vice President of Animal Welfare Board
    Trustee USI
    Chairman Blue Cross
    International Director, Member (Board of Trustees) WSPA
  4. Gauri Maulekhi
    Co-opted Member Animal Welfare Board
    Executive Secretary SPCA, Dehradun
    Co-Trustee Member, Secretary PFA
  5. Jairam Ramesh – Congress party
  6. Maneka Gandhi – Central Minister of Women and Child Development
    Chair Person PFA
  7. Manmohan Singh – the puppet of Sonia Gandhi congratulated Humane Society International for their work in stopping Jallikkatu.
  8. Manoj Oswal
    Volunteer PETA
    Animal Welfare Officer Animal Welfare Board
  9. Nandita Krishna – wife of Chinny Krishna
    Trustee, Chairman of HSI
    Life Trustee HAS
    Member, Vice Chairman Blue Cross
    Trustee, Chairperson HIS
  10. Manilal Valliyate
    Animal Welfare Offier, Veterinarian PETA
    Animal Welfare Officer Animal Welfare Board
    Veterinarian Member PFCI
  11. Poorva Joshipura
    CEO of PETA
    member of Animal Welfare Board. American citizen?
  12. Radha Rajan
    Founder, Editor Vigilonline
    Hindu Activist, RSS Sympathist
  13. R. Banumati – Supreme court judge.
    a christian convert and a rabid anti-hindu.
    a DMK candidate elevated to higher court.
    gave a verdict against Jallikattu in 2016 while hearing some another case
  14. RM Kharb
    Chair Person Animal Welfare Board
  15. Sonia Gandhi – bar girl turned politician
    power centre behind UPA regime (2004-14)
    close to evangelical groups and got a south Indian Jairam Ramesh to fight against Jallikattu.
  16. Soumya Reddy – Karnataka State Secretary, Mahila Congress
    Member AWBI
    Daughter of Karnataka State Transport Minister, Ramalinga Reddy


  1. Animal Welfare Board (run by NGO and controlled by multi-national companies)
    Poorva Joshipura – CEO of PETA and member of the board. Strange conflict of interest.
    Chinni Krisha – Vice President
  2. Blue Cross
    Chinni Krisha – Chairman
  3. Congress
    brought the legislation that led to the banning
  4. CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action)
  5. DMK
    their candidate was Justice R. Banumati for elevation to higher court
    brought the legislation that led to the banning
  6. FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations)
    Chinni Krisha – Chairman, Board Member
  7. HAS (Humane Animal Society)
  8. Human Society International – lobbying organisation
  9. PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)
    Poorva Joshipura – member of Animal Welfare Board. American citizen?
  10. People for Animals
    Maneka Gandhi – ex-Chairman
  11. PFCI (People for Cattle in India)
  12. SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
  13. USI (Union Society International)
  14. WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)


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