Readings on the debunked “Aryan Invasion Theory”

Lots of articles and materials have come our recently that have bunked the “Aryan Invasion Theory” propounded by the British colonial power to subjugate the natives. The list of various sources are provided for easy reading:

  1. B.B. Lal – No Evidence for Warfare or Invasion – Aryan Migration too is a Myth
  2. B.B. Lal – Vedic and Harappan are respectively Literary and Material Facets of same Civilisation
  3. Michael Danino – Neither Aryans Migrated into North-West India nor did Tamils Migrate into South India
  4. Rajesh Kochhar – Rigvedic People were not Harappans. Naditama Saraswati was Hemland in Afghanistan
  5. Dr. N. Kanzas – Vedic Sanskrit Older than Avesta. Baudhayana Wentions Westward Migrations from India
  6. Michael Danino – The Horse and the Arya Debate
  7. David Frawley – The Myth of Aryan Invasion of India
  8. Dr.Dinesh Agrawal – Demise of the Aryan Invasion Theory
  9. Prem Kumar – Genetic evidence against Aryan Invasion Theory Myth
  10. Koenard Elst – Genetics and the Aryan Invasion debate
  11. YugParivartan – Aryan Invasion Theory-The Genetics Part-I
  12. YugParivartan – Aryan Invasion Theory-The Genetics Part-II
  13. YugParivartan – Aryan Invasion Theory-The Genetics Part-III


  1. Michael Danino – A series of Lecture on the Aryan Issue
  2. David Frawley – The Myth of Aryan Invasion Theory (India Inspires Talk)

Scientific Papers:

  1. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0002929713003248

Newspaper reports:

  1. DNA – New Research Debunks Aryan Invasion Theory
  2. IBTL – Aryan Invasion Theory Used for Divide and Convert – Exposed by Fresh Genetic Research

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