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Detoxifying CBSE Textbooks (3rd Std)


This subject is always a suspect for its malcontents.

CBSE Textbooks.001

CBSE Textbooks.002

CBSE Textbooks.003

CBSE Textbooks.004

CBSE Textbooks.005


An inclination to leaders of certain dispensation is understandable, but disregard for India and ancient Indians cannot be tolerated.

CBSE Textbooks.006

CBSE Textbooks.007

CBSE Textbooks.008CBSE Textbooks.009

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  1. Its ironical outside India VEGANISM is the best way to reduce environmental impact on planet.But in India its vegetarian diet for the well being of planet.As you said if we really taught ourselves and next generation the facts world would have been a much better place.


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