Giving feedback for Modi Manifesto 2019

The other day I had a chance to interact with Smt. Smriti Irani during her visit to Kochi as part of BJP’s outreach to get inputs for their 2019 election manifesto.

I raised a pertinent point with regards to NITI Ayog, once again, missing out electric boats for support when giving the same for electric vehicles. FAME 1 did not have it. FAME 2 also does not have it. Bureaucrats in Delhi must step out to Kerala, Goa, West Bengal, Maharashtra to see this water transport in action which is unfortunately missing there.

I also raised four points with regards to removing discrimination against Hindus that was established by previous governments and entrenched by the courts. They are:

  1. RTE and how it kills Hindu run schools
  2. Temple alone under government control on administration, funds and properties misuse
  3. Minority exclusive schemes and scholarships that is blatant violation of SabkaSaathSabkVikas. All poor people must get benefit like insurance, pension, grant, Mudra etc and not just minorities
  4. Hindu member in NCMEI as Hindus are in minority in eight states in India.

Watch from 11:20 mts.

Read my earlier post on this issue.

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