Budget 2019 – General

  1. FM highlighted that patents trebled from 2014 to 2018. Let us see where we stand. We are seventh only because we have a huge population.

If one add a parameter called patents per million people, we are no where.

If you see all the top countries, they are those that are pursuing technical education in their native language. India with the fake “English Language Advantage” will always lag behind.

There is no remedy offered in NEP. There is no benefit if SWAYAM is offered only in English. How difficult is it to get it translated to all the important Indian languages? If EU can make all its documents in all their languages, why cannot India do it instead of promoting English Disadvantage.

We have grant plan of getting more Universities in top rank. How will it come up with this English Disadvantage?

Will our govt. wake up? Read more at www.sankrant.org.

2. Modi’s stated objective of “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance” is only a sham. The number of areas where babus still control have only increased whether it is companies or institutions. A good indicator of the direction contrary to this would be if Air India, BSNL etc. are privatised; Hindu temples are free from government control.

3. There is too much Gandhigiri. His quote, “The soul of India lives in its villages” is highlighted. I do not think the government is or wants to follow the other teachings of Gandhi in terms of dismantling manufacturing, military and other impractical ideas like all of his ideas. One thing of Gandhi that Modi is actively pursuing is minority appeasement through an illegal Minority ministry that discriminates citizens based on religion. To know more about this excess Gandhigiri, read up MediaCrooks.

4. FM talked on India’s soft power and how Yoga day is an indicator. Unfortunately these guys cannot think beyond Yoga. There is a huge potential for India to be the spiritual capital of the world and its dharmic traditions. However in the era of showing themselves as more secular than secular, these things are just sidelined. Look at how Ministry of Culture handles Indian treasures in form of temples, or moortis and other treasures stolen from here and housed in museums worldwide.

5. There was mention of promoting artisans to reach their products worldwide. But this government does selective support of these artisans through their minority appeasement. Read their acts in this blog.

6. Modi govt. is full of optics whether it comes to temple visit to show that they are doing something for Hindus (in reality nothing important from RTE, temple control, Ram Mandir, Sabarimala, Art 25-30 issues are taken up). In that same light in the urge to show being pro-poor they have increased the surcharge in income tax for super rich to the extent that it is higher than in countries like USA. It is easy for such people to move out if this govt. want to act like Robin Hood.

7. GST on service tax is 18% which is making it touch for all entrepreneurs. When will it be reduced to 10/12% that we were all used too in earlier government?

8. Excise duty increase (in petrol, diesel), surcharge and super tax are terms we find normal in this budget. Instead of simplifying the tax by removing surcharges they are renaming them and making it Swadeshi!

Read the Budget 2019 from a solar-electric boat builder perspective.

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