ADITYA in the Final 6 at Gussies Awards

ADITYA is now in the final round of 6 ferry boats in the Gussies Electric Boat Awards in memory of Gustave Trouve, a French electric engineer and pioneer in electric cars, and boats. Trouvé was an astoundingly prolific inventor with over 75 patents to his name. There are three category of awards – 1) Electric boats up to 8 m in length, 2) Electric boats more than 8 m in length and 3) Electric ferry boats (Passenger boats). The winner will be decided based on the public vote count.

Earlier ADITYA was shortlisted in the category along with 12 ferry boats, because of few important achievements. As a public transport solar-electric ferry, it was proven its performance by its third year completion clocking transporting 11 lakh passengers and traveling a distance of 70,000 km without a single drop of fuel and saving over 1 lakh litres of diesel. The second reason would be extremely low OPEX cost. The energy cost of ADITYA is only 4 paisa per passenger-km (22 trips a day, total 66 km, carrying 75 passengers each trip need 180 Rs/day in energy cost). The third reason must be the great economics of this boat. State Water Transport Department (SWTD), is on record claiming on the third year anniversary (12th Jan, 2020), that ADITYA already saved 75 lakhs rupees for them and that the difference in cost between ADITYA and a typical diesel ferry was overcome in this period. It is unusual to find high technology products with low breakeven period.

Thanks to the overwhelming support for ADITYA, we made it to the finals. We hope to win it by your support. Vote here.

  • Sandith Thandasherry

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  1. Hi Sandith I am in touch with Arjun (your colleague ) for development of a no emission and no discharge boat for Divine Devbhoomi Experience on an Eco Friendly boat with two decks for 100+ pax for Haridwar and Rishikesh region –need to have a chat regarding management of such project and also for initial survey etc by local authorities and creation and handover of infastructure for building and deploying such boats — I am a senior marine captain living in Singapore originally from Dehradun and feel strongly to give some very special gift to local tourism to engage all age groups of tourists in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand –my email is sunil@equinoxsg.com and mobile and whatsapp number is +6590107230 — my close friends Panakaj and Sidhant oof QuantSolar.com India also from Kharagpur IIT , speak very highly of you

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