The imaginary visit of St. Thomas to India

St. Thomas skeleton in Greece
St Thomas skeleton in Ortana, Italy

There are many writings that list out the fraud perpetrated by the churches in South India to propagate the false story of St. Thomas visiting India and eventual death (which keeps changes with each new story).

Some of the info are compiled here:


  1. Vikram Aditya – The Myth of St. Thomas – 1
  2. Tejaswi Surya – The Mylapore St. Thomas myth that just doesn’t seem to die-1
  3. Tejaswi Surya – The Mylapore St. Thomas myth that just doesn’t seem to die-2
  4. Iswarar Saran – The Myth of St. Thomas
  5. Iswarar Saran – Wikipedia and Encyclopaedia Britannica: Their counterfeit St. Thomas entries exposed
  6. C.I. Issac – The question of the St Thomas origin of Indian Christianity
  7. B.S. Hari Sanakar – Pattanam excavations prove the myth of St. Thomas
  8. Poulasta Chakraborthy – St. Thomas Myth Historical Fact in Pax Indica
  9. Controversies in History – St. Thomas


  1. Iswar Saran – The Myth of St. Thomas

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