Getting my Powerboating License

Recently Sibi, Nommy, and I spend time on the weekends to learn powerboat handling. It was a course conducted by Kerala Water Sports and Sailing Organisation under Jolly Thomas. The certificate is issued after a practical test is run by the Yachting Association of India representative. As a naval architect, we are familiar with the technical terms associated with the boat and its response to wind, waves, and current. However, unless we experience handling the boat by ourselves, we may not get this insight into the numbers and parameters we use while designing. So, my advice to all naval architects and designers is to undergo this course and start driving the boat on the water. 

This course is also a perfect opportunity for anyone of us who might want to experience the pleasure of powerboating. The certificate is valid internationally and hence can be used to rent a boat in your travel across the world. Some of the practical aspects we learn in this course are:

  • launching and recovery
  • boat handling under power
  • picking up a mooring
  • coming alongside
  • being towed
  • turning in a confined space
  • man overboard
  • anchoring
  • and the theory behind everything.

After five training days, we finally completed the course, passed the practical test, and got our certificate. The next class is coming up soon. So check it out and see if you can take your boat to the water.

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