Water Taxis – Who will get it right first?

Water taxis is one service that is awaiting to take off in India. In the last few years many states announced plans for coming up with water taxis.

Although all these announcements were made, before all of them, it is likely that it will be Kerala that will beat them in this race. The first of the four water taxis is getting ready to deliver this month. It is designed and build by our firm, Navgathi Marine. The details on the boat design can be seen here.

13-Sep-2020 – Manorama News

Making the boat and launching the service is easy. The difficulty is in maintaining the service. SWTD has shown its capability to launch and maintain new service. Lets us see how this will move ahead.

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  1. A month later, the water taxi service in Kerala is operational. It is now the first service in India. Three more boats will join in the next few months.

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