Speaking at One Mega Event – Transport India 2017

I had the opportunity to speak at Green Technologies panel in the Transport India 2017 at Pragati Maidan. There were speakers from the roads and railways. I was focussing on water transport.

Points discussed:

  • ADITYA, India’s first solar ferry and its successful performance in the last four months. Each day the boat saves 100 litres of diesel. On each day the operating cost of diesel ferry is about 7000 ₹ and in comparison solar ferry has just 120 ₹ in grid charging cost.
  • Unlike electric vehicles (EV) which merely shift pollution from cities to power plants unless power mix shifts to renewables, solar ferry eliminates pollution. FAME scheme is only for EV and not provided for water transport despite being better in terms of being eco-friendly.

From 1:23:50 in this video: YouTube Video

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