Villains of Diwali Crackers Ban

Supreme Court has in the recent times giving judgements what one would call judicial overreach especially when it comes to restrictions on Hindu traditions and practices. The recent ban on crackers in Diwali is no exception, especially when there is no evidence to point to the effect.

The court is infiltrated by lot of judges, lawyers and guided by NGOs who have motivated agenda in this matter. Some of the villains in this piece are the following:

Judge and Lawyers

  1. AK Sikri – The judge, who cited pollution, when claiming that there is no evidence, is the same person who claimed 37 lakhs rupees for air travel. Surely, must be reducing his carbon footprint. Recently his son was appointed by Congress govt. in their panel. Quid pro quo?
  2. Haripriya Padmanabhan
  3. Union Govt.

Page 48 of the doc in SC website, where SC says that it agrees to all suggestions made by the Union govt (in 2018). SC just agreed to whatever BJP govt asked.

From proposing that BJP govt will brainwash schoolkids in to not bursting crackers by running campaigns to time restriction & complete ban of joint crackers.

Known Personalities Endorsing the process to Ban

  1. Priyanka Chopra

  2. Dr. Harshvardhan, BJP Minister
  3. Anushka Sharma (Animal welfare was her point)
  4. Sashi Tharoor (Secular fireworks is ok)
  5. Shradha Kapoor (Fireworks on her events ok)
  6. Yuvaraj Singh (Fireworks on Diwali not ok, for wedding ok)
  7. Rakul Preet

crackers on her movie celebration is ok

Companies/Organisations Endorsing Ban

Just boycott them. Let them feel the pinch.

this is how they tweeted earlier.

  • Tata Power
  • LG
  • Airtel 
  • Kolkata Police

Enforcing Punishments

Police in various states has been very active in catching violation of time window for bursting crackers stipulated by the same jokers. Govt. also comes up strange orders that is not as per the norms of the place. In any case in most cases people ignored these stupid diktats and went ahead with their celebration. Some of the ignoble govt. bodies.

  1. Delhi Police and Home Minister Amit Shah

Directly reporting to Ministry of Home under Amit Shah, this has the most notorious. The contrast in their alacrity would not have been worse since recently during Eid violent protests by the “peaceful religion” were handled with kid gloves. Over 500 people were jailed with one strange case of a person possessing sutli cracker. This led many people to quip, ” possessing real bombs are not serious for Delhi Police, however sutlis can land you in jail.” BJP is leading its way in centre to destroy Hindu traditions and customs.


  2. Hindustan Times

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